Do It Yourself (DIY)

DIY provides you with templates, logos, names of recommended vendors and other resources to help you communicate professionally. Here you will find: 

Please note that this content is only available to our internal audience. 


Download Health System or Medical School logos, access a link to a logo generator where you can request a custom department or program logo online and download other special logos like the FIGs grant, Mott Golf Classic or the recommended lab coat and scrub logo.

Photos & Illustrations

Need images for official U-M uses, such as websites, presentations, posters and brochures? Download photos of UMHS buildings, scenes of clinical care and research and photos of leaders from Media Bank. Also this is where you find links to internal and external stock illustration and photo resources including vendors and photo release forms.

Social Media

Instructions on how you can use social media and internal communications to achieve your communications goals.


Print templates specifically designed to enable consistent, time-efficient and economical in-house printing using Microsoft Word or external professional printing using Adobe InDesign. PowerPoint, A3 Reports, HTML emails and other templates are also provided.


Your link to what you need to know about Health System communications, plus a list of trusted vendors that have worked with us and our clients in the past and have a history of dependable service, proven performance, product quality and purchasing ease.

Event Promotion

Submiting events to internal and external newspaper and online calendars

Internal Communication

Need to talk to UMHS staff? Here’s how.


Contact Information

phone: 734-764-2220